Words, words, words

Learning a new word, especially one which fills a unique gap in your vocabulary, or rolls off the tongue in an unusually pleasant way, is one of life’s best pleasures. I previously selected one interesting word I’d learnt every month, but now I’ll be sharing as and when I’m just bursting to let you know about a new lexical unit – so watch this space! Click the links below to learn about any of the previous ‘chosen ones’.

Pyrrhic – Defeat and dances

Syncope – A Literary Lapse

Jealous – Are you getting it right?

Effete – Fertility, figurativeness and feminism

Pachyderm – Elephants, rhinoceroses, and kings

Eidolon – Idolatry and idiots

Aplomb – Perpendicularity and poise

Corollary – Blankety blank

Sesquipedalian – Oh, the irony

Galumph – Linguistic Wonderland

Demur – Fickle and demure

Adumbrate – A Rare Find

Cleave – Delightfully Complicated

Fecundity – A Endearing Enigma

Wuther – Poor, obscure, plain and little

Zeitgeist – A Happy Theft

Happenstance – A (Nearly) Homegrown Favourite

Obliquity – Maths and morality

Descant – Delightful Discourses

Desideratum – It is Still a Beautiful Word

Farrago – From Fodder to Hodgepodge

Bibliomania –  Join the Bookworms 

Nice – It’s Boring, Right?

You might also want to check out the link below about the OED’s 2016 Word of the Year: