Word of the Month

Learning a new word, especially one which fills a unique gap in your vocabulary, or rolls off the tongue in an unusually pleasant way, is one of life’s best pleasures. I’ll be selecting one interesting new word a month and sharing a short feature on it, including anything from etymology to meaning and related idioms. Click the links below to learn about any of the previous ‘chosen ones’. (Previously Word of the Week.)

Syncope – A Literary Lapse

Jealous – Are you getting it right?

Effete – Fertility, figurativeness and feminism

Pachyderm – Elephants, rhinoceroses, and kings

Eidolon – Idolatry and idiots

Aplomb – Perpendicularity and poise

Corollary – Blankety blank

Sesquipedalian – Oh, the irony

Galumph – Linguistic Wonderland

Demur – Fickle and demure

Adumbrate – A Rare Find

Cleave – Delightfully Complicated

Fecundity – A Endearing Enigma

Wuther – Poor, obscure, plain and little

Zeitgeist – A Happy Theft

Happenstance – A (Nearly) Homegrown Favourite

Obliquity – Maths and morality

Descant – Delightful Discourses

Desideratum – It is Still a Beautiful Word

Farrago – From Fodder to Hodgepodge

Bibliomania –  Join the Bookworms 

Nice – It’s Boring, Right?

You might also want to check out the link below about the OED’s 2016 Word of the Year: