On “healthy” lifestyles

Cambridge Girl Talk

Jess Molyneux

Whether it’s the good pain and the ‘don’t make me laugh’ after you aced an ab workout the night before, the dubious pride of the struggle to make it down the stairs after leg day, or even the thrill you get from pounding to a beat, exercise has its highs. ‘The fitness life’, when you find a way to make it work for you, can be incredibly rewarding. Seeing your strength build or your stamina improve in the long-term can be real confidence boosters, not to mention the endorphins and the ‘happily knackered’ feeling which directly follow a good workout. Getting away from your room, the library, or the lecture block for a focussed chunk of non-academic, productive me-time is a pretty good self-care and mental-wellbeing strategy. And I haven’t even mentioned the long-term health benefits along with the socialising which comes with sport – if, that is…

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