The Well of Loneliness

A review of Radclyffe Hall’s landmark 1928 novel about lesbianism, love, and loneliness.

On Sappho

On Sappho’s splendid, sensual, but frustratingly sparse remaining poetic fragments.

Girl, Woman, Other

A review of Bernardine Evaristo’s stunning recent Booker Prize-winning novel.

Why #januhairy isn’t all that smooth

Originally posted on Cambridge Girl Talk:
Jess Molyneux It was as if the stars had aligned earlier this month, when I first heard about #januhairy: a combination of my two favourite things, feminism and wordplay, it was yet another way for us women to stick it to the patriarchy. I was initially impressed with the…

Charlotte Mew and May Sinclair

Originally posted on Something Rhymed:
We were delighted when Jess Molyneux got in touch. The youngest contributor to Something Rhymed, Jess first contacted us when she was still a sixth-former. We were impressed and touched that she had traveled from Manchester to Nuneaton to attend the George Eliot Fellowship’s Annual Lecture, which we delivered last…

On “healthy” lifestyles

Originally posted on Cambridge Girl Talk:
Jess Molyneux Whether it’s the good pain and the ‘don’t make me laugh’ after you aced an ab workout the night before, the dubious pride of the struggle to make it down the stairs after leg day, or even the thrill you get from pounding to a beat, exercise…

On Political Correctness

Debunking some of the myths surrounding ‘PC gone mad’ and considering the significance of our linguistic choices.