Charlotte Mew and May Sinclair

Originally posted on Something Rhymed:
We were delighted when Jess Molyneux got in touch. The youngest contributor to Something Rhymed, Jess first contacted us when she was still a sixth-former. We were impressed and touched that she had traveled from Manchester to Nuneaton to attend the George Eliot Fellowship’s Annual Lecture, which we delivered last…


On “healthy” lifestyles

Originally posted on Cambridge Girl Talk:
Jess Molyneux Whether it’s the good pain and the ‘don’t make me laugh’ after you aced an ab workout the night before, the dubious pride of the struggle to make it down the stairs after leg day, or even the thrill you get from pounding to a beat, exercise…

On Political Correctness

Debunking some of the myths surrounding ‘PC gone mad’ and considering the significance of our linguistic choices.

Reading Jane Austen

On Dr Bill Hutchings’s suggestions for approaching Austen, in a talk at The Portico Library.

Dalloway Day

A summary of the Royal Society of Literature’s inaugural celebration of Virginia Woolf’s ‘Mrs Dalloway’.

‘Men may congratulate themselves…’

‘Men may congratulate themselves for writing truly and passionately about movements of nations; they may consider war and the search for God to be great literature’s only subjects; but if men’s standing in the world could be toppled by an ill-advised choice of hat, English literature would be dramatically changed.’

For Manchester, forever.

Originally posted on Left and Leaving:
Eight days ago we lost 22 of our own. I watched all this unfold from Colombia and it felt strange, watching the people of my city rise so fast from such a hard hit warmed my heart as much as the attack had broken it, not being able to…

Take a Walk on the Writer’s Side

If you walk straight down Oxford Road with Central Library at your back, you’ll pass the Palace Theatre on your way out of town. If you keep walking you’ll pass the Aquatics Centre, the RNCM and, if your legs aren’t tired yet, you’ll come to the Manchester Museum. If you walk a street across to…

Auf diese Stadt

‘Und wir ahnten, die Völker der Welt schauten auf diese Stadt.’ So sings Reinhard Mey in his beautifully poetic Mein Berlin, released in 1990. It refers to the Berlin air lift, when Allied countries flew planes over their sectors of Berlin (which was divided into four occupied zones following WW2), dropping much-needed supplies to citizens…