Jacob Polley at the Portico

You really have to start a report on an event at the Portico Library with a comment about being seated under its magnificent domed ceiling (which you can see on the picture). On this particular Thursday in November, it boasted the added bonus of sheltering an award-winning poet. Urmston Grammar English Literature A-Level students got…

Tell Me Tell Me by Emily Brontë

Emily Brontë’s three-stanza poem manages to burst with the happiness which hope can bring in twelve stunning lines.


A contemplation of Jacob Polley’s weird and wonderful TS Eliot-prize-winning poetry collection.

High Waving Heather by Emily Brontë

A little dissection of Emily Brontë’s poem ‘High Waving Heather’. A tumultuous but magnificent scene of nature in the moonlight is painted by Brontë in this short, simple and stimulating poem.

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