Lady Susan, The Watsons and Sanditon

A review of what might be titled the Jane Austen deluxe version.


A Stubbed Toe

A really, really, really short story. Exactly 80 words.


A contemplation of Jacob Polley’s weird and wonderful TS Eliot-prize-winning poetry collection.

Celebrating Literature

Surrounded on all four sides by shelves and shelves of Victorian books, students from Years 7 – 13, their supporters, and a handful of acclaimed writers gathered under the Portico Library’s magnificent ceiling dome for a celebration of reading, writing and all-things-literary. I was invited to attend after having been awarded a Special Commendation for…

Self and Insensibility

No one who had known Will Elliot during any period of his life could have hoped for him to be anything other than what he had always been. Reaching for the last cardboard sleeve from the depleted pile next to the stirrers, he turned towards the curious woman at his side, who, he thought, had…

For Manchester, forever.

Originally posted on Left and Leaving:
Eight days ago we lost 22 of our own. I watched all this unfold from Colombia and it felt strange, watching the people of my city rise so fast from such a hard hit warmed my heart as much as the attack had broken it, not being able to…

The Professor

A review of Charlotte Brontë’s very first novel, rejected for publication before the more successful ‘Jane Eyre’, and an insight into its inspiration.